“Discipleship is not a program or an event; it’s a way of life. It is not for a limited time, but for our whole life. Discipleship is not for beginners alone; it is for all believers for everyday of their life .Discipleship is not just one of the things the church does; it is what the church does.”- Bill Hull

  • Discipleship is the key to maturing believers. It is a command and not an option for those discipling and those being disciple.

  • Discipleship is the door for the Kingdom effectiveness and breakthrough. The people who know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

  • Discipleship is the hand that takes the promises of God and makes the promises become a reality. It is the hand that possesses its inheritance.

  • Discipleship is the environment that families can grow and enjoy demonstration of the love of God. To disciple a family is to disciple a nation. To disciple a church is to impact a nation.

  • Discipleship is the command of the Divine Strategist to win the world into the Kingdom. This command is to all believers regardless of their station in life.