Karibu Sana

House groups play an important role in PBC Eastgate church community encouraging faith through fellowship in the informal setting of the host’s home. House groups are small groups which meet regularly for discussion, Bible study and fellowship in members’ homes. 

House groups are one of the most important ways of deepening relationships and providing a place for mutual care and encouragement.  A group usually has 10-15 people, who meet together once a week in someone’s home for Bible study, discussion and prayer. Every group is different, but the aim is always to encourage and support one another, to develop fellowship within the church and to deepen in our knowledge and love of God.

New members are always welcome.

House Group Name House Group Leader Meeting Day
Pipeline Mary Shiru Friday
Donholm David Ochieng' Friday
Savannah Zack Mahalang'ang'a Friday
Balozi Agnes Onyancha Thursday
Hazina Njakai Chelagat Thursday
Simba Villa Peter Mutai Friday
Utawala Jackline Mutuku Sunday
By Pass Utawala Francis Mathenge Thursday
Kitengela Mercy Kanyi Friday
Syokimau A Ibrahim Murema Friday
Syokimau B Upcoming
Nyayo A Peter Karuiki
Nyayo B Mary Murigi Thursday
Nyayo C Anderson Mwenesi Thursday
Nyayo Youth Stella Mwau Thursday
Baraka Gabriel Macharia Thursday
Taj Mall Rebecca Wothaya Saturday
Imara Daima Paul Kosse Tuesday
Gate B (Homemart) Walter Mulati

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