The Family Ministry endeavours to celebrate God's design for marriage. It exists to offer a place to learn together from scripture how to build a home where the love of Christ is sharing, relationships are Biblically structured and genuine intimacy, authentically ad vulnerability in central 

Family Ministry supports the church congregation where members feel welcome, loved and can have h=tes closer than with those they are related to as well as serves the following persons

  1. Nuclear mum, dad children
  2. Parents and single parents
  3. Step families who are made up of two remarried individuals and their children from previous relationships
  4. Singles who have never married/ or are divorced/widowed or separated
  5. Empty nest as their children have left home
  6. Re-attached as their adult child/children returns home or a parent comes to live with them

PBC Eastgate purposes to promote understanding on God's Purpose and the call of God in a family while we build string families where reconciliation and healing is promoted. We teach competence in interpersonal skills through education, enrichment and counselling.