24 Feb Sermon


ISAIAH 61: 1-7


At Parklands Baptist Church 2019 is the Year of the Lord’s Ever-increasing Faith. This year we are declaring that the just shall live by faith. Anointing is the work of the Holy Spirit. We receive the anointing by faith. The anointing is to prepare us for service. The anointing is a Kingdom empowerment that causes us to bring heaven on earth. God anointed Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit before His earthly ministry. The anointing is an outward expression of the Kingdom reality. The anointing is for you and me to serve effectively.

The Holy Spirit anoints you:

  1. To Preach Good news
  2. To Bind up the Broken hearted
  3. To Free the Captives
  4. To Release Prisoners
  5. To Announce year of Grace
  6. To Comfort those who mourn
  7. To Care for the needs


God specifically placed you and me here on earth for a divine purpose. This is your Kairos moment. You need the anointing of the Holy Spirit in order to fulfil your divine mandate. You have a sphere to carry out the above. God placed you and me on earth at this particular crossroad in history. We live in a time of great challenges but enormous opportunity. Walk in the anointing

Arise and Shine


Rev. Bern Otuma

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