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3rd March 2019 Bulletin


3rd march 2019




John 1: 12 – 14


You were formed for God’s family. God wants a family and He created you and I to be a part of that family. This is God’s second purpose for your life.

Salvation to us is a gift from God and we become identified as God’s own family through baptism as commanded by Jesus Christ.

We are members of God’s family.  Citizens of God’s Country and we belong in God’s household with other Christians. You are called to belong not just believe. We are all connected to one another as a body of Christ, the CHURCH. The Church is so important that Christ died on the cross for her. Due to this we are commanded to love our spiritual family.

We belong to a local fellowship:

  • To be identified as a genuine believer
  • To move us out of self-centered isolation
  • To develop and grow spiritually
  • To keep us from backsliding


Let us identify and commit ourselves to other Christians in a local fellowship and experience life together.  We are part of the body of Christ and are called to fellowship together as we experience God’s desired purpose for our lives.

Arise and Shine,


Deacon Zack Mahalanganga

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